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Monday, April 25th


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Thanks for everything!
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Thursday, April 21st

Why doesn't April have 31 days?

I'm telling ya, April, you really need one more day. I'm not asking for a miracle here, or for the world to move. No, I'm just asking for an extra day. Why, you find yourself asking? Because Baskin Robbins is 31% off on that day.

Your laziness disappoints me, April. Think about that when it comes time to renew your contract.

In more real or worthwhile news, I got my little 'problem' settled, so it looks like no one is going to be eating my brain any time soon. We also managed to settle the problem without a lot of tears or animosity, so we're okay! Yay!

I've also finally got around to rewriting my resume last weekend. It sounds like a simple proposition (considering that it's just putting your life and experiences to paper), but it's not. Oh, heavens no. It's never that simple. I actually haven't touched my resume in 4 years--it didn't even include my graduation from university, and the format was kinda blah--so I decided to just redo the whole thing from scratch. Also, to add to the fun, I also wrote a second resume in Japanese. The funny thing is that it's not just a matter of writing the information in another language, but the structure and style of Japanese resumes are totally different.

Though I'm still keeping my dreams of graduate school alive and well, I think I'm going to at least give it a shot at some Japanese companies just to see what happens. I'd like to work in something related to international relations, or advertising or marketing. Obviously translation is my ideal position, but I'd just like to try something new.

And that's pretty much life for Jason right now, I suppose! Spending my days working, studying, and all that good stuff. Got vacation coming up next week for 7 days, but no real plans yet. I am thinking of heading down to Disneyland in June, though. I'll let you know as that develops.

Plans for this weekend? Gonna go to calligraphy on Saturday, study Saturday night, study Suny, maybe go hiking, and recreate my website over the weekend. Wish me luck!
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Friday, April 8th

"Other than me, there's no one else in this world that will love you, Jason."

Now, tell me a good reply to that. Seriously. How can one possibly reply to that without a look of horror on your face? It sounds akin to something you say before you kill someone in their sleep. Note that I've already made it abundantly clear that we are not dating. Period. Wait, no. Exclamation mark.

The funny thing is that I went through a nearly identical situation last year. Go me, and my inability to learn lessons! I'm awesome. I think we're just gonna have to bite the bullet and do it the ugly way since the softball way is clearly not working at all.

Ah well.

In other news, life's going all right. Went in to do some recording yesterday, bought some new clothes for summer today, and got back in touch with a friend of mine I met nearly 6 years ago and haven't really talked to since. Kinda fun getting back in touch. Unfortunately, my boss called me this morning to say that we need to talk over the contract terms since they're "Getting better and worse in some places". In my experience, companies never change contracts to the employees' benefit. We'll see how it goes!

I should get something small to eat and then get back on with my exciting day! Enjoy, and look forward to your weekend!
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Sunday, April 3rd

Please save me..

Got everything together Saturday night. Had a nice, logical, well-laid-out explanation about how things "are just complicated and can't really work between us" but that "I think it's much better if we just keep it as friends." In anyone else's life, we'd be all set. Either she'd start crying and say she hates me, or understand and we'd both move on our way.

Dear god. If only Jason's life could work out that way, how happy we'd all be.

She told me she understood, and that the situation is awkward and even she had to admit that her feelings weren't that of just a simple "I like you". (Note to self: I should've seen the problem coming up at this point in the conversation. Not a 'simple' like..), rather, her feeling was something much different. At first she didn't recognize what she felt, so she prayed for days to try to understand. But finally, it came to her:

She was my mother in a past life, and somehow she had wronged me as her child, so she is now drawn to me to make amends!


How do these things keep happening to me? I swear, this is making the Jehovah's witness girl look like the picture of stability and normalcy. She even drew a picture of how the system of past lives work and how she was obviously my mother. I'm really thinking I'm gonna need to fake my death on this one. Might need to find a job in Korea or Taiwan, while I'm at it. Fortunately, I have connections.

Just wanted to give you a quick update. Wish me luck.
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Thursday, March 31st

No one can turn down cheap ice cream

So, I was supposed to go out to a recording studio today to cut some audio for a standardized junior high school test. Woke up early, got ready, and drove the hour or so to the recording studio. Get there, sit around with my coworker, notice no one's there, call my boss, find out that she kinda forgot to make the arrangements.

Some days I love my job. Others, not so much. Though the really sad part is that this type of stuff doesn't even phase me any more. I just got back in my car, drove home, came to the mall and bought ice cream. It's the 31st today, which means that ice cream is 31% off. It's hard to have a bad day when there's cheap ice cream to be had.

And that leaves me here, in the same place I came on Monday, reading a book about murder and killing time until work. Starting from yesterday, my new class schedule has begun, which means that I need to meet new students and start new classes. It's really not so bad, and I actually enjoy meeting new students and doing introductions, but it is a bit stressful for the next month since my schedule can change on a day to day, or even hour to hour basis. It's not uncommon in April to get a call an hour before class to be told a student will observe my class. My absolute favorite, though, is when no one bothers to call me and I just have a woman in front of me, telling me she's my new student. Now that's good fun!

You can be angry or you can be happy. It's really your choice.

Anyway, life's going all right for me. Still uncertain what I want to do in the near future, so I'll be writing resumes this weekend, but things are otherwise okay. I'm healthy, debt free, and have savings. I need to figure out how to break things off with my current short-term girlfriend, but I'll figure that out. I usually go for the "o_o I died..." or the "Hey, uh.. How about we just never talk again! =D" approaches to avoid awkward conversations, but that's not gonna work here. Blah. I asked my BFF Midori to break up for me, but she said no (selfish....). I really think she should do it, seeing as I've never asked for a favor before. Besides, I was somehow born without tact. This doesn't bode well for me.

I should really get back to reading my book! Good luck, have fun, and enjoy the rest of your week. I'm gonna go back to being awesome. It's just what I do...
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