Juxtaposed in Japan


04/25/2011: Moved!
04/21/2011: Why doesn't April have 31 days?
04/03/2011: Please save me..
03/31/2011: No one can turn down cheap ice cream
03/28/2011: Classes cancelled!
03/26/2011: Update and stuff
03/25/2011: Boring is the new interesting
03/16/2011: Not deeeeeeeeead!
02/27/2011: Jason: Not a party guy
02/21/2011: Lessons Learned
02/18/2011: Some YouTube videos
02/14/2011: Happy Valentine's Day!
01/17/2011: Well hullo thar
12/29/2010: Forgot my daily artistic-ness
12/29/2010: Late night cafe ramblings
12/27/2010: Admire my Christmas caaaaaake!
12/25/2010: Merry Christmas!!!
12/24/2010: 'We Want to Wish You a Merry Christmas!"
12/22/2010: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
12/22/2010: More cable TV adventures!
12/19/2010: Got the best of me
12/09/2010: I made a new friend!
12/08/2010: I'm a (cable access) TV star!
12/07/2010: What have I done..?
12/06/2010: One test down!
12/04/2010: Next week? Sounds good!
11/28/2010: Onward to Christmas
11/17/2010: Pedagogy? Peda-google? PETA?
11/13/2010: Test! Tomorrow!
11/10/2010: Time to make Jason's life better
11/08/2010: Can I have fun now?
11/06/2010: Speech Contest: Done!
10/30/2010: Happy Halloween!
09/18/2010: Back in the red, white, and blue!
09/17/2010: Off for an adventure
09/17/2010: Who needs sleep?
09/12/2010: Birthday weekend!
09/10/2010: Ka**o High School Culture Festival!
09/10/2010: Late night ramblings
09/08/2010: Still not a zombie
03/19/2010: That inescapable relationship between cause and effect
03/15/2010: An update from the land of the rising sun
03/12/2010: Car Crash Fun!
01/06/2010: A JASON!!?!?! Yes, they live.
05/31/2009: I'm finally a licensed driver in Japan!
05/25/2009: Holla back, yo.
05/12/2009: Taco Bell sells WHAT?!
04/25/2009: Stuffed raccoons make surprisingly nice pillows
04/22/2009: Random screams in the night
04/14/2009: 'You have a big nose..'
04/13/2009: Cherry Blossom Season
03/30/2009: The horrors of Japanese doctors
03/29/2009: Spring updates
03/25/2009: Where do I go now?
03/24/2009: The joys of English teaching
03/22/2009: Making... progress?
03/21/2009: Gaaaar... siiiiiiiick
03/01/2009: Graduations, tests, and suits
02/03/2009: DOUGHNUTS!!!!
01/16/2009: Back in Japan (two weeks ago)!!
12/31/2008: [Korea] ... and a happy birthday to me!
12/28/2008: In Korea.. again!
11/01/2008: Because I know I'll forget..
10/31/2008: Time to go SPEAK!
10/08/2008: Sorry to disappear!
09/17/2008: Movin' on up
09/02/2008: Quick update
08/30/2008: Another month comes to a close
08/11/2008: HAR! Summer vacation!
07/30/2008: Take that, bread man!!
07/27/2008: Oh, and..
07/27/2008: Payback's a WHAT?
07/23/2008: Land of the free..
07/16/2008: More randomness to entertain all of you
07/14/2008: On conflict resolution..
07/13/2008: I need to eat BEEF
07/02/2008: One phone calls and cars
06/25/2008: The life of an English teacher
06/22/2008: Heeeeeeey kiiiiiiiiids!
06/15/2008: My apartment
06/14/2008: Finally moved in, starting my life..
06/08/2008: Ready for that first day of work
06/07/2008: I've made it!
06/02/2008: [In Tokyo] The facts of life.. Japanese style!
06/02/2008: In the land of the rising sun..
06/02/2008: Entry from SFO
05/23/2008: Packing is definitely not a favorite past time
05/19/2008: Posting pictures
05/17/2008: At my graduation
05/16/2008: [At Work] Closing Ceremony
05/14/2008: [At work] What a week..
05/07/2008: [At Work] Stupid fever.. it be making me the crazies
04/30/2008: For those of us who haven't majored in Japanese history..
04/29/2008: Picture!
04/29/2008: [In class] Presentation day!
04/27/2008: What, exactly, is this?
04/10/2008: [At Work] Killing time
04/04/2008: junbi shiteru (preparing)
03/31/2008: Sooo... now what?
03/27/2008: Adding some pictures
03/23/2008: Back in the US of A
03/20/2008: [In Korea] Running around in the Orient
03/16/2008: Alive in Korea
03/13/2008: [At Work] One day to Korea!
03/03/2008: Quick picture
03/03/2008: [At work] So.. much.. studying..!!
02/25/2008: Finally, up with the pictures!
02/22/2008: [At Work] So much to do, and so little time to do it in.
02/11/2008: Subjectivity, and your very own history lesson
02/08/2008: I'm done being sick.. you hear me?? Done!.... I wish.
02/03/2008: 'If I never go home, I become a king. If I go back it's the same old thing'
01/30/2008: [At Work] You say 'tomato', I say... 'tomato'.
01/24/2008: If homework could kill..
01/15/2008: 'It's a copy of a copy of a copy...'
01/12/2008: Last weekend of pure freedom
01/08/2008: Making progress..!
01/07/2008: When dreams come to life..
01/06/2008: More late night ramblings. And Korean is hard!
01/05/2008: You have to be bad to get good
01/02/2008: 2007 - Year in Review
12/30/2007: Why..?
12/27/2007: One holiday down, two to go!
12/21/2007: [At Work] No more English, PLEASE!
12/19/2007: [At Work] If you've got resources, use 'em!
12/14/2007: [At Work] You really do learn by teaching
12/11/2007: Almost there..!
12/10/2007: [At Work] Where did I go??
11/09/2007: [At Work] I should listen more often..
11/08/2007: [At School] Home before 7.. yeah!
11/03/2007: If a tree falls...
11/01/2007: [At Work] Just a quick note
10/30/2007: Halloweeeen!
10/18/2007: [At School/Work] Still trudging along
10/15/2007: [At Work] Placement Orientation-ing
10/13/2007: One of those update things
10/09/2007: [iPod browser]not enough time in the day...
10/04/2007: Letting people know I'm still here..
10/01/2007: Saying goodbye..
10/01/2007: [At work] It's still not better..
09/29/2007: No rest for the weary...
09/28/2007: [At work] The more you work, the more fulfilling it is.. maybe.
09/20/2007: The other Old Tucson photos
09/16/2007: Survived Old Tucson.. again!
09/12/2007: Submission, GO!
09/12/2007: I'm qualified.. I swear!
09/09/2007: An important observation
09/07/2007: [At work] More on the Japan thing
09/06/2007: The things we aren't prepared for are the most confusing
09/03/2007: Hey, I'm still kickin'.
08/29/2007: Quick update
08/26/2007: Not at work.. yet!
08/22/2007: [At Work] School has begun
08/17/2007: [At Work]
08/16/2007: When it rains, it pours...
08/04/2007: Closing ceremonies... please, please don't make me tweak the volume anymore
07/29/2007: Checking in
07/27/2007: [At Work] Paper sorting.. oh my!
07/23/2007: [At Work] Things never go as planned
07/13/2007: [At Work] It smells of refried placement testing
07/10/2007: [At Work] No more Target...
07/05/2007: [At work] More placement testing, let's learn some English!
07/02/2007: [At work] Don't make me go outside...
06/22/2007: [At work] Mmm.. corporate policy. Delicious.
06/15/2007: [At work] had some time to take some pictures
06/12/2007: Stupid Week Gnomes
06/08/2007: [At work] Want luuuunch.
06/04/2007: It's tough being so boring
05/31/2007: Don't leave pickles in the refrigerator.. please.
05/30/2007: The BullsEye doesn't love me.. but that's okay, because I don't love it.
05/26/2007: 'Can I help you find something?'
05/24/2007: Workin', workin', workin'...
05/21/2007: [At work] Quite an interesting morning
05/18/2007: [At work] What's this '6am' thing?
05/17/2007: Picture uploaded
05/17/2007: [At work] Doing that working thing (while I write online)
05/13/2007: And thus, work begins
05/10/2007: Week in review
05/03/2007: Socialization in school..
04/12/2007: Booooooored
04/11/2007: And the semester runs on..
03/29/2007: I've made it back (a week ago)!
03/19/2007: Let's go, try number 2
03/17/2007: Flight cancelled, can't get free
03/15/2007: The trip thus far
03/12/2007: Gah..
03/12/2007: 'The reason to say goodbye is to say hello again'
03/01/2007: Pick your battles, but fight for what you believe in
02/28/2007: So much going on..
02/14/2007: No, I don't know what today is
02/07/2007: [Library] Waiting for time to 'fly'. I'm having fun, right?
02/03/2007: A lazy Saturday.. Macgyver-style!
02/02/2007: If you pretend to study long enough, you'll actually get something done!
01/25/2007: Siiiiiiiick.. kinda
01/20/2007: 2 weeks down, 14 to go.
01/12/2007: First impressions
01/10/2007: Going to London (for real this time)!!
01/05/2007: Those random encounters
12/31/2006: Taking stock of time
12/31/2006: Academic Papers
12/30/2006: Happy Birthday (to me!)
12/21/2006: The trifecta
12/19/2006: Final grades are in
12/19/2006: Those late night ramblings
12/17/2006: Cooking, movies, pretty eventful day.
12/15/2006: 'No more pencils, no more books....'
12/12/2006: Finals week, a good time for all.
11/30/2006: How to procrastinate from school work in style
11/20/2006: Some wins, some losses, not so bad.
11/20/2006: Want to sleeeeeeeeeeep.
11/17/2006: [Library] I'm working, I swear
11/14/2006: And a week's passed
11/07/2006: Already off to a great start
11/01/2006: [Library] Watching and waiting, a pretty quick week.
10/25/2006: Travel plans!
10/20/2006: 'The Appropriate Door Fits the Frame of the Correct House'
10/13/2006: [Library] One more week of responsibility
10/12/2006: One week down, one more to go.
10/06/2006: "Let the rain fall down" (a rainy day)
10/06/2006: Late night ramblings
09/29/2006: [Library]When will I be in "the future"?
09/21/2006: My, time keeps flying by. Has it already been a month?
09/15/2006: [Library] Another day, another week.
09/08/2006: The joys of Japanese
09/06/2006: I'm not the zombie I once was.
09/05/2006: taihen na koto da kedo, shi kata wa nai
09/04/2006: Nostalgia or deja vu.. are they so different?
08/30/2006: Week 2, continuing on.
08/25/2006: Sou desu ne..
08/21/2006: First day of school
08/19/2006: I am Jack's long-held sigh of relief
08/11/2006: Back amongst the world of the living
08/10/2006: Need sleep..
08/08/2006: Pretending to studying.. I seem so studious.
08/04/2006: [Library/ILC] The random thoughts of a random mind
08/04/2006: [Library/ILC] The random thoughts of a random mind
07/31/2006: [ILC/Library] Yay for money!
07/29/2006: A midnight (6am?) surprise
07/10/2006: [Library] Killing time
07/07/2006: Raining..
07/03/2006: The lonliness of a whisper
06/08/2006: It's the fuzz!
06/03/2006: Posting a link
06/02/2006: "A quest we won't forget"
05/31/2006: koko ni aru, soshite tsukareta da yo.
05/16/2006: I am Jack's sigh of relief.
05/15/2006: [Library] Halfway there
05/10/2006: Waiting for the clock
05/05/2006: go gatsu itsuka, omedetougozaimasu (Happy 5th of May)
05/03/2006: [Library] Onward and upward, moving on.
04/26/2006: [Library] There's a reason for sleep
04/26/2006: I'm alive (kinda)!
04/19/2006: [Library] I'm early
04/17/2006: [Library] So much time, so little to do.
04/13/2006: [Library] I'm too old.
04/13/2006: One more thing..
04/13/2006: Sleep is good. Now, why am I not doing that?
04/10/2006: There's a cat outside my window...
04/08/2006: Speech Contest: The aftermath
04/08/2006: A blustery day
04/06/2006: Pasting half-formed thoughts to make them whole
04/05/2006: [Library] One step at a time
04/04/2006: 'Let the anger change the world and set us all free.'
03/31/2006: Gaaah. No. Not fair.
03/29/2006: [Library] In other world, at another time..
03/22/2006: BACK TO ADVENTURE!
03/18/2006: Awaiting the feeling of resting on solid ground..
03/16/2006: The end is bittersweet
03/14/2006: [Traveling] 'Where are you going, where have you been?'
03/13/2006: [Traveling] Moving to a place I don't yet know
03/06/2006: Do you know what fun tastes like?
03/02/2006: Random update.. kinda
02/28/2006: Someday, I'll learn to let go.
02/25/2006: 'The pieces of me..'
02/22/2006: ... what?
02/17/2006: There's a disparity between then and now
02/15/2006: It's all cyclical in nature..
02/11/2006: I think this speaks for itself.
02/09/2006: Siiiiiiiiiiiiick
02/07/2006: Some days never end, others don't quite begin.
02/04/2006: 'Look ahead and you'll see that tomorrow has already come.'
01/30/2006: 'Tell me what you're dreaming about tonight..'
01/29/2006: 'Yes, I lost my mind..'
01/23/2006: Oh no..!
01/17/2006: Please..? onegaishimasu?
01/17/2006: Take me to that other place.
01/17/2006: 'What did you pack for lunch, mommy?'
01/13/2006: The year's off to a great start
01/05/2006: More.. than the simple words I try to say.
12/30/2005: Happy Birthday to... me?
12/20/2005: Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, and a merii kurisumasu to you as well.
12/13/2005: [University Library] Life advice
12/11/2005: Watching through the looking glass
12/09/2005: Checking in..
12/08/2005: [In the classroom] Surveying the fields of my memories
12/05/2005: When we can't see the future, we look to the past. It's not always better.
12/02/2005: The tomb I've made with my own hands
12/01/2005: The dissonance between the beauty and life
11/28/2005: Waiting for class to begin
11/23/2005: The thoughts that days both begin and end with..
11/15/2005: In Japanese class again
11/14/2005: Jason, in the library, with the keyboard
11/14/2005: Rantings of an insomniac
11/09/2005: The joys of doctors offices..
11/03/2005: Tumbling
10/30/2005: God, not again..
10/26/2005: The sun rose again this morning
10/24/2005: Clearly, I can't manage time.
10/24/2005: Paint me a picture of the world of your dreams
10/21/2005: 'Dream a little dream of me..'
10/20/2005: 8-minute break..
10/20/2005: Posting a quick link..
10/18/2005: 'God willing and the creek don't rise..'
10/17/2005: Watching the water fall down to the earth..
10/16/2005: Ramble ramble..
10/14/2005: 'We get together ev'ry time we can..'
10/12/2005: Pointless "I took a quiz" post!
10/12/2005: Studying at the last minute is a good thing.
10/11/2005: Oh, joy. Just what I needed for this week..
10/10/2005: What do you dream about..?
10/03/2005: Quick note..
10/02/2005: Another month passes by..
09/26/2005: Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.
09/23/2005: Drifting, drifting into the sea.
09/23/2005: Too bad the day's just begun.
09/18/2005: 'Do you remember the day, when we had a long, long way to go?'
09/16/2005: I'm not doing anything wrong, I swear..
09/14/2005: My eyes wander..
09/09/2005: People shouldn't talk on phones in the library.. or else, they get killed.
08/31/2005: Between the real world and the land of dreams.
08/30/2005: Don't stay up late, boys and girls. Especially on a school night!
08/25/2005: So much time, so little to do.
08/23/2005: All I see are stormclouds..
08/21/2005: Arg..!
08/17/2005: 'Follow me, set me free, trust me and we will escape from the city.'
08/15/2005: Find that which matters and never let go.
08/09/2005: Left to savor the bittersweet taste of progress..
07/31/2005: [Library] My, I love the world. Stop and smell the roses.
07/30/2005: [Library] Really quick post.. sorry.
07/24/2005: The miracle never came..
07/23/2005: [Library] Really quick post..
07/22/2005: I am Jack's profound sense of loss and confusion.
07/22/2005: 'I want to hold your hand..'
07/20/2005: [Teacher's College] Another day swept under the rug
07/19/2005: [Teacher's College] In memory of..
07/13/2005: [Teacher's College] Oh yes, I live.
07/06/2005: The feelings that never quite go away..
07/03/2005: Wakuru? 「わかる」
06/29/2005: Easy come, easy go.
06/21/2005: 'I think I know 86% of the future.. but maybe I'm wrong.'
06/16/2005: [Teacher's College] I have absolutely nothing to write about..
06/14/2005: [Teacher's College] 'Do you remember the days..?'
06/10/2005: [At the town library] Still alive..
06/07/2005: Writing from [Teacher's College]
05/23/2005: Quick entry..
05/22/2005: I am Jack's burning disappointment..
05/22/2005: Nevermind me..
05/21/2005: Watching Sunday morning anime..
05/20/2005: 'Singing people always smile.'
05/19/2005: I live!
05/17/2005: Leaving in.. 7 hours.
05/12/2005: 'To sleep, perchance to dream..'
05/11/2005: Finals are over!!
05/05/2005: [At School] The computers are up again..!
05/05/2005: Just posting some pointless stuff..
05/03/2005: 14 days to go..
04/29/2005: Another day passes by
04/26/2005: In Japanese class..
04/26/2005: Sometimes, I don't even understand myself.
04/22/2005: Quick update..
04/15/2005: 'Life is waiting for you..'
04/13/2005: Why doesn't life make sense..?
04/11/2005: Closer and closer it comes..
04/07/2005: I swear, I'll eventually get to bed on time.
04/06/2005: Update (yes, I live)!
04/04/2005: We all do what we must do..
03/27/2005: Boo?
03/24/2005: Oh, I'm asleep. Really.
03/24/2005: "You may dream.."
03/23/2005: There's comfort in math. Opinions don't matter.
03/22/2005: It's... Tuesday!
03/21/2005: Being paranoid and stressed in the middle of the night.. not too important.
03/19/2005: Looking back..
03/18/2005: The end is near
03/16/2005: "Let's open the gate.."
03/13/2005: Spring break
03/08/2005: If words could only do justice..
03/08/2005: Learn something new everyday..
03/05/2005: Japan..!
03/04/2005: No more classes (for a few days)!
03/03/2005: No more tests.. finally!
03/02/2005: .. and the sun rises once more.
02/27/2005: And here I am..

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