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12/31/2006: "Academic Papers"

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These are a selection of papers I've written while in school and found mildly interesting/entertaining to write. Depending on the class load, I'm generally writing upwards of 7 or so things per semester, but many are really short and just technical papers about astronomy concepts/news or philisophical points. Nothing anyone really wants to read (and I didn't want to write). I have cut out bibliographies because they're boring, but if anyone's interested in pursuing any of these subjects, let me know and I can provide the info.

Note that I'm oft writing for a page limit, so they tend to get a bit wordy. Also, these are my works, so naturally, do not steal them and use them as your own scholastic paper. That's cheating (and one reason why I don't provide bibliographies).

Have at it.

Chinese Modernity
Modern Japanese School System
Modern Chinese School System
Japanese Literary Analysis of 'The Sea and Poison'
Japanese Literary Analysis of 'Requiem'
The Minimization of Males in Japanese Shoujo

Writing website with misc. works

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On Monday, January 1st, Kat said:

While i think change can be a good sign, at least for me at times, moving forward, learning and redefining oneself-well if it ends up compromising something fundamental to you or apart of you or yoru values or something, then i completely understand where you're coming from. i'm sorry that things are so disheartening for you right now, so disturbing and seem to be slipping from your grasp like this. i wish i could be of some help.
i will be getting to your papers. THank you for posting them.
They didn't have any sparkling apple cider left at family dollar yesterday. i was very disappointed-i settled for the only bottle of sparklling grape cider left. It was pretty good though i still prefer the other. i hope you enjoyed ringing in the new year with your siblings some.

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