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04/03/2011: "Please save me.."

Got everything together Saturday night. Had a nice, logical, well-laid-out explanation about how things "are just complicated and can't really work between us" but that "I think it's much better if we just keep it as friends." In anyone else's life, we'd be all set. Either she'd start crying and say she hates me, or understand and we'd both move on our way.

Dear god. If only Jason's life could work out that way, how happy we'd all be.

She told me she understood, and that the situation is awkward and even she had to admit that her feelings weren't that of just a simple "I like you". (Note to self: I should've seen the problem coming up at this point in the conversation. Not a 'simple' like..), rather, her feeling was something much different. At first she didn't recognize what she felt, so she prayed for days to try to understand. But finally, it came to her:

She was my mother in a past life, and somehow she had wronged me as her child, so she is now drawn to me to make amends!


How do these things keep happening to me? I swear, this is making the Jehovah's witness girl look like the picture of stability and normalcy. She even drew a picture of how the system of past lives work and how she was obviously my mother. I'm really thinking I'm gonna need to fake my death on this one. Might need to find a job in Korea or Taiwan, while I'm at it. Fortunately, I have connections.

Just wanted to give you a quick update. Wish me luck.

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On Friday, April 8th, kat said:

wow-um yeah wow is all i can say.

fake death sounds like an ok plan at this point.

On Friday, April 22nd, Kapri said:

Stands back from the keyobrad in amazement! Thanks!

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On Sunday, April 24th, bltmxlf said:

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